One man’s trash is another man’s $19.00!!

Dunt dunt dunt didump!  Dunt dunt didump-didump-dunnnn!  That probably looks like gibberish to most people, but it’s kind of hard to put the theme to Sanford and Son into words.  Scrapping (purely my term, other people may call it something else.) is when you gather scrap metal and take it to be recycled. 

About 5 years ago, not having much money for my wife’s birthday, but having an old refrigerator, I decided to take it to the scrap yard and see how much I could get for it.  I got a whopping $19 and swore that I’d never do it again.  Then the economy tanked and it became harder to make ends meet. 

One day I was driving down the street and there was a window unit air conditioner on the curb. Since I had always heard that there was copper in them, I pulled over and threw it on the back of my truck.  Since this was the height of people stealing heating and air units, I got a few funny looks when I went to the recycle yard, but I made $65.00 just for a few minutes of work, and I didn’t even have to go out of my way.  Needless to say, I was hooked.

Since then, people have found out that I scrap and they call me when they have metal to get rid of so I still don’t have to go out of my way, somehow, the metal finds me.  Now I told you all of that not to get you to start scrapping, but to say that if you get creative about your finances, you can find money in the most unusual places.

If you have time and a lawnmower, someone might pay you to cut their yard.  If you have decorating skills, someone may pay you to decorate their home. Just keep in mind that if you decide to start scrapping, the people you know might start singing the theme to Sanford and Son when you come around like they do to me!

Jon Vickers is an NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselor at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma.  CCCS is a non-profit Credit Counseling agency with offices in Bethany, Enid and Tinker Air Force Base. Contact us at http://www.cccsok.org or 1-800-364-2227


4 comments on “One man’s trash is another man’s $19.00!!

  1. Good article. You can make money in many different ways.

  2. Awesome read!!!

  3. This was well written and entertaining. It also covers many skills that we all are lacking right now. Ingenuity, creativity, and the art of being self sufficient.

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