Raising a productive garden in the Oklahoma Weather

You may wonder “What do gardens and Budgets and credit counseling have to do with one another. I’m glad you asked!! 🙂

When I was a kid, my grandfather raised all kinds of vegetables around his Duncan Oklahoma home. I remember working long hours out in the garden with him thinking “im hoooooooooot” and “I wannaaaa go innnnnnnnn”. He told me “Son, one day you are going to need to know how to do this stuff”. Somehow, it sunk in. I remember many of the gardening skills Pop taught me. I certainly remember how foreign it seemed to me to see people buying produce. We grew ours!!

I can’t even begin to imagine how much money we saved by growing it ourselves. I even made money during the summer selling greens (mustard and collard greens). If you pick them it was $3.00 a bag. If I picked them it was $5.00. I actually made a fair amount of money doing it.

These days many people are questioning the money they spend on food as well as the source of their produce and other goods. The cost of seeds and starters is extremely reasonable. Ideally a farm and garden store is the best place to get these. I live in Bethany and the Bethany co-op is great. I also like Ruby’s on Council and also on 10th. Avoid the discount giants and other large chains.

When you are starting out, grow things that require small amounts of care. Peppers and onions are great to start with. Grow your onions in a raised bed spaced fairly tightly. As they mature you will be able to thin them out by picking as you need them. As more room becomes available the onions will get larger and larger. Peppers can endure heavy sun – which we have. Because we have had a mild winter, plant your peppers and onions in mid-march this year. Think of a few things you like and give it a try. Beware some vegetables can grow to be like something from Little Shop of Horrors. Unless you have plenty of room it is a good idea to go easy on the vine produce. Squash, cucumbers and melons can take over your space big time!

Look at your space and think about what you and your family like. It can really be fun and trust me…it builds wonderful memories!! Good luck and let us know how it goes. If you have any question…Ask. Might just have the answer!!

 Anthony Murray is an NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselor and Bankruptcy Services Coordinator at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma.  CCCS is a non-profit Credit Counseling agency with offices in Oklahoma City, Bethany, Enid, Stillwater and Tinker Air Force Base. Contact us at http://www.cccsok.org or 1-800-364-2227


2 comments on “Raising a productive garden in the Oklahoma Weather

  1. Try training your squash and cucumber to climb a trellis also there are many bush types that take up on about 24 inches of space.
    Find Your Last Frost Date at Daves garden web site be entering your zip code.
    Happy Gardening

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