The Maddening Battle for Your Grocery Dollar

Where do I go to make the most of my grocery dollar? I mean I really need my Twinkies and milk, but how can I get them without breaking the bank? In Oklahoma City we have a pot luck of stores: Aldi, Whole Foods,Wal-Mart, Sunflower Market, and the list beats on. Just taking a rough guess I believe we have about 10 stores to choose from.

It is nearly impossible to know exactly which store will holistically serve you the best. One store has great ads, but a smile may crack the clerk’s face. Not really a place I want to go. Another place offers great prices, yet you are more likely to find food that is out of date. Yes, I have a store in mind with that one…

The best thing to do is shop wisely. You may also want to take into account the distance to the store.  Is saving thirty cents on an item worth the drive? Did you know you can view most store advertisements online? Here are a few…







Make smart choices, use coupons, and calculate the full cost of ad hoping…gas included. Then you can sit back and enjoy your Twinkies and milk in peace. Unless you have kids and are forced to share. 🙂  Gotta go…My daughter found my ding dong stash!!!!


2 comments on “The Maddening Battle for Your Grocery Dollar

  1. What do cashiers and grocery clerks do to annoy you while grocery shopping?



    • Paul, I think it is different for everyone. For me personally it would have to be the lack of interest in my being in their store/line. A few years ago a local store here got rid of most of their cashier’s and went with a totally automated front-end. Epic failure!!
      That store now has cashiers with a pulse and a heart because that is what people want. I will pay a couple extra dollars if the person that is checking me out can smile and converse with me for a few minutes out of my day. It makes the prices I am paying go down a little easier…


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