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Lack Lesster – Loving My Life With Less.

Lack Lesster – Loving My Life With Less.

I have come to cherish periods in my life of financial challenge. I’m not talking about

conditions of absolute lack – just about those times when I can pay all my bills, but I don’t feel like I have a lot of money left over.

I’m in one of those times now. My husband and I each have incomes, but we have several big demands on those incomes. We’re repaying student loan debt, paying a mortgage and a car payment as well as $600 a month in daycare. It’s kind of a tight time.

I am happy to say, though that I am embracing it! We eat at home almost exclusively. Being that we have a two year old, eating out isn’t really that much fun anyway! Our meals are healthier and we can happily play with our food at our own dinner table without incurring curious glances from others in a restaurant.

 We do more “free” activities. This has been the BEST side affect of less. We explore our city and get the most out of it. Last weekend we had a picnic in the park feasting on a Mexican style rotisserie chicken meal from El Pollo Regio on SW 36th and Western ($15 fed all of us). The park had a sprayground and our son had the time of his life! The only cost was the meal and the gasoline to get to the park. We also enjoyed the re-designed Myriad Gardens that weekend. No money spent there!

We love great coffee, good food, great activities and good friends. We also love that we are finding these things on the cheap or for no money spent at all. I would say this is an empowering season – not a season of lack at all!

If anything, I’m less spoiled!


Cristy Cash is the Director of Counseling and a Senior Certified Consumer Credit and Housing Counselor at CCCS of Central Oklahoma. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her Husband Matt, young son Jackson and her dog Bear.
CCCS is a non-profit Credit Counseling agency with offices in Oklahoma City, Bethany, Enid, Stillwater and Tinker Air Force Base. Contact us at http://www.cccsok.org or 1-800-364-2227


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