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Oh Officer John, please don’t arrest me!!

Cell Phones

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Hello world!! How are you all doing? You will NOT believe what happened to me yesterday. I had been receiving calls for a little while from someone with a New York (315) phone number but they never left a message until Tuesday.

The person they called for was actually the guy that had my cell number before it was issued to me so I just assumed it was another collections call. Not so fast….

The message was very ominous!

This message is for Brandon T—-.

The very second you receive this message I need you or your retained attorney of record to return my call as this is very time sensitive. My name is Officer John from Carson Law firm and the hotline to reach my division is 315-755-5281. Don’t disregard this message and do return the call. Now Brandon if I don’t hear from you or your attorney the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation has completely unfolded on you. Good bye and may God save you Brandon.

Well after hearing that, you know I had to call them!! Turns out that if Brandon does not make a $300 payment immediately Officer John is going to arrest him!! They wanted an account number to do the payment for a bill they couldn’t tell me anything about.

That was about all the fun I could stand. I told the man that not only was he bogus but his actions were illegal. He actually got mad at me and said “How dare I tell HIM about the law”. Then he stooped to a spooky low… He gave me a local address and social security number to prove they were legit.

I told the man that he can’t intimidate me because I know this is a scam so he started dropping “F bombs” and other forms of profanity. Then he hung up on me. I Googled the number and found several people who have experienced the same problem!! Click the link below to see what I found:


People, please, please, please never get fooled by calls like this. The police are not going to call and TELL you they are going to arrest you. They will just do it if you have committed a criminal offense. Oh…owing a debt is NOT a criminal offense either!!

These scammers prey on our ignorance and fear. Be smarter than they are and know your rights. If you can get a physical address you can send a cease and desist letter to them. Then if they continue to call you may have the grounds to sue them.  If you’re not sure if a call like this is real, call us!! 800-364-2227.

You can get a full understanding of restrictions third party collectors are under by reviewing this link from the Federal Trade Commission website. www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf


Take care until next time!!

Anthony Murray is an NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselor and Bankruptcy Services Coordinator at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma.  CCCS is a non-profit Credit Counseling agency with offices in Oklahoma City, Bethany, Enid, Stillwater and Tinker Air Force Base. Contact us at http://www.cccsok.org or 1-800-364-2227



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