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Expect more of yourself, even when others expect less.

It’s tempting to allow your goals to be crushed by the thoughtless words and actions of others. Have you ever heard that message? Have you ever had a dream that you gave up on because of heartless or careless words of others?

I know of one person who did not allow that to happen – even though she could have. She was a single mother who would come home every day from working at a dry cleaning service. She was tired and worn out from long days of hard work and too little pay. She was special though. Through it all she kept a positive outlook and she had confidence in the purpose of her work.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

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She knew that life was a series of choices and consequences; opportunities given, taken and lost. She knew how to recognize the choices she could make and discern from the ones she couldn’t. She knew no matter what consequence she was dealing with – pleasant or unpleasant – that she always had a choice to make. She worked long and slow to crawl out of a world of debt, despair, abuse and neglect. She changed her world one day at a time.

There will always be a negative person on hand to tell you things like “You’ll never be able to do it.” Maybe those are echoes of things they hear spoken into their own ears. Stick close to the people giving you positive messages. Start with my message to you: “You are too important to buy that garbage!!” God created us all to flourish and be the absolutely beautiful human beings we are. No matter what your struggles are, there is help. From the woman in the abusive relationship; to the family fighting to keep a roof overhead; to the couple tackling too much debt, there is help. Your first step HAS to be to recognize that you need help; the second is to ask for it.

Listen, life is too short and you are too precious. If you need help, call 211 – or any of us at CCCS. There are literally hundreds of resources out there for you. Please just ask!!

By the way… After enduring abusive relationships, years of being on food stamps, sweating through school and struggling to keep a roof over our heads and, that single mother became the director of a drug treatment facility. She taught her kids how important it was to be positive, strong and independent. To Stand up, Speak out and never accept less… Thanks Mom…

2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities. While services that are offered through 2-1-1 vary from community to community, 2-1-1 provides callers with information about and referrals to human services for every day needs and in times of crisis.

Anthony Murray is an NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselor and Bankruptcy Services Coordinator at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma.  CCCS is a non-profit Credit Counseling agency with offices in Oklahoma City, Bethany, Enid, Stillwater and Tinker Air Force Base. Contact us at http://www.cccsok.org or 1-800-364-2227




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