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Financial Literacy Month

Did you all know that this month is Financial Literacy Month?
What does that mean exactly? Well, I guess it means being smart with my money. Using it so it does not use me!!
On Thursday April 28th 2011 The National Foundation for Credit Counseling will team with USA Today for a Q&A on financial literacy featuring Consumer Credit Counseling of Central Oklahoma’s own Jennifer Wallis and Cristy Cash.

I want to encourage everyone reading this blog to take the Debt Free Pledge by logging on to www.debtfreepledge.com and making a commitment to live a financially fit life. Stop allowing your finances to be put on life support and in dire need of resuscitating.

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In the past we have talked about how your creditors will stalk you on Facebook and how Wal-mart and Target are looking for new ways to pry your hard earned dollars from your hands. Now is the time to stand up and say HECK NO WE WONT GO like mindless sheep!! Take control of YOUR life and make the time we have on this earth count for something more than a credit score and a bill.

God meant our lives for so much more… You are more than a number or a stat or Heaven forbid another bill!!

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