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The Sucker Free Society

Ok, let s all gather around and have a heart to heart…

We all know debts happen… Sometimes we have a hard time making the payments on those debts. DON’T BE SUCKERED!! There are some clear cut rules in place to protect YOU!! With a show of hands how many of you out there have heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? WOW….So few…

OK, did you know that debt collectors can’t use profanity towards you and they are not allowed to call you just when ever they want? If you either orally or in written form tell them not to contact you at work…They MUST stop!! Yeah…Imagine that!!

Now here is the really scummy part. According to MSNBC, debt collectors are now using social media to track you down!! Really…So now all my private thoughts that I share with the world are exposed to THEM TOO!! Yep…Them too…

Listen, I make a lot of jokes in these blogs but the fact is Bad things happen to good people. Be informed and learn your rights…


Anthony Murray is an NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselor and Bankruptcy Services Coordinator at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma.


Oklahoma’s committed to Serving Oklahoma’s

We are located in Oklahoma City, Bethany, Enid and Stillwater. 1-800-364-2227.


One comment on “The Sucker Free Society

  1. I only wihs I had known that when my husband had his stroke and had no insurance.

    Thank you Anthony.

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