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Cristy Cash is t he Director of Counseling and a Senior Certified Consumer Credit and Housing Counselor at CCCS of Central Oklahoma. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her Hus band Matt, young son Jackson and her dog Bear.

As a true blue American girl, I can admit that I love a good shopping trip, a good vacation and just some luxury for cryin’ out loud! These things do wonders for my soul and my smile.


They are impossibly tortuous on my budget! Taking the spontaneity out of my spending has been a really difficult adjustment. I have had to find creative ways to fill the gap – that still allow me to be creative and energetic. Here are some off the cuff ideas I go to from time to time – sort of a healthy budgeting snack if you will. Feel free to share some of yours!

1.  I love to laugh – so spending time with positive funny people is a GREAT free way to fulfill my need for fun and energy. This weekend we visited my husband’s cousins and sister and husband. The cousins et al. were so great to be around and I have been running on their energy for days now.

2.  The weather is great, so I am going outside! Even just sitting in a park or playing with my little boy gives me energy and costs me nothing.

3.  Reading vicariously through someone else’s life – I met this awesome girl named Taylor Jane David who later started blogging – www.coherentlychaotic.com . She has such a refreshing perspective and is in a life season that isn’t really practical for me to participate in right now, but hey! I can appreciate her adventures!

4.  The recently discovered (by me anyway) www.stereomood.com . I can type in my mood and listen to music that matches it. It is totally free.

Ok – I have shared 4 Budget-Smart “snacks” with you. Have any of yours to share?


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