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For Best Results Combine Individual Counseling with Group Education

Our advice: Utilize a combination of personalized counseling and group education to pay down debt and rebuild your finances.

Here are some short descriptions for our recurring education classes:

  • Fiscally Fit Bootcamp: If you live in the greater OKC metro area you can’t miss our dynamic 6 week financial literacy series known as Fiscally Fit Bootcamp (FFB). FFB is a fun and educational course that takes place over 6 weeks one evening a week on Tuesday evenings. You get dinner each night and a tee shirt when you graduate – and the cost is only $35 (by far our greatest education value)! Come bring your family along and learn the skills you need to succeed with other recruits in the OKC area! Email Jennifer Wallis at jwallis@cccsok.org to enroll for the next session.
  • The Personal Money Power Workshop course is a shorter term workshop that takes place over two meetings in Bethany Oklahoma. Learn how to take control of your money, how to pay yourself first and how to build a budget that is right for you. Individuals pay $15 and couples attend for $25. Call 405-789-2227 to enroll.
  • The Online General Financial Literacy Course is great for people who are short on time or can’t make it to one of our classroom programs. This state of the art, interactive online course encourages proven behaviors that will help you move forward in your quest for prosperity. Click here to begin now: https://www5.myvlp.com/v1-3/index__cccscok.php the cost is $25.00

CCCS of Central Oklahoma is personally committed to your success. We strive to provide high quality low cost educational services that can help our Central Oklahoma community become financially empowered for generations to come. Visit http://www.cccsok.org to learn more about us.





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