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Dive in… Life isn’t a Dixie Cup!!!

Cristy Cash is t he Director of Counseling and a Senior Certified Consumer Credit and Housing Counselor at CCCS of Central Oklahoma. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her Husband Matt, young son Jackson and her dog Bear.

Don’t forget! Your abilities can grow over time if you dive into change. You are never stuck where you are now.

I was listening to a radio show today featuring Dr. Paul Meier that was addressing the fact that many times people take for granted that they have finished developing – that their skills are what they are (read article here) .

While this radio show was primarily addressing unhealthy relationship patterns, my mind connected this subject to change in general and how sometimes people feel as if things are as good as they are going to get!

For this illustration, there are two types of people: those who love change and those who despise it. I find myself in general in the former category.

Whether you are into change or not, I think you may find that you can borrow this characteristic of people who do frequently involve themselves in change:

No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, no matter how you grew up – you can still expand your abilities and your mind.

During the time I have worked at CCCS of Central Oklahoma I have had an opportunity to view into the lives of people who are in the middle of financial crisis. The amounts of money are different. Some people have much to work with and some have little. In most cases one thing is true –

The part of the person that succeeds in finances didn’t grow. Maybe they stopped investing in it years ago when they got the job they wanted. Maybe no one in their family ever had money and if you saved anything it meant you were selfish and withholding from the group. Neither example is conducive to being financially healthy!

One of my favorite things to help people see – and one truth I have lived out in my own life in many areas – is that if you invest in yourself in almost any area – YOU WILL GROW. There is time to do better.


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