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The $1750 Breakfast

Yep, that is how much I paid for breakfast! Every morning for a year I ate 2 breakfast burritos and a diet dr. pepper. $1750… So here is what I did to make my wallet and my body healthier. I switched to 2 containers of yogurt with some grape-nuts for flavor and texture. No more Diet. Dr. Pepper…Now I drink water!! Cost for a week is $7.30 per week

My breakfast now costs me $350.40 a year. That’s a savings of $1399.60 a year. Let’s see what I can do with the new $116 a month pay raise I just gave myself….

Anthony Murray – Bankruptcy Coordinator – CCCS of Central Oklahoma


One comment on “The $1750 Breakfast

  1. Great suggestion! About 20 years ago when my money was really tight I started annualizing just about every expenditure I made. Its amazing how much money I saved when I looked at my spending habits from this vantage point. Even nickels, dimes, and quarters can add up fast.

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